Major Investment in Clewer and Dedworth Roads

RBWM has agreed to a request from local Conservative Councillors to repair 16 roads in Clewer and Dedworth this year.

It’s a big list and will repair some roads that have not been touched for years. The Cabinet has also agreed to repair the rest of the speed humps on Dedworth Road and at the top of Smiths Lane.

The roads to be repaired are:

  1. Alden View – Clifton Rise to turning head
  2. Bell View
  3. Bell View Close
  4. Burnham Close
  5. Cawcott Drive
  6. Clifton Rise
  7. Dedworth Road – Vale Road to Pirate Park
  8. Hayse Hill
  9. Kingsfield
  10. Mill Lane – Clewer Church to cul de sac end
  11. Pierson Road
  12. Smiths Lane – o/s Dedworth Green school
  13. Stephenson Drive
  14. Vale Road – sections
  15. Wolf Lane – Foster Avenue to Keepers Farm Close
  16. Wolf Lane – j/w White Horse Road

Gallys Road has been added to the “reserve list” which means that it will be first in line if the overall roads programme comes in under budget/ time.

Residents will be advised in advance of any works being completed and hopefully any inconvenience will be kept to a minimum.

It’s not possible to fix every road and road hump in one go - there is always more to do (the map below shows where improvements have been made/ are being made). That said, this major investment will add to the work done over the past 3 years and get us to a point where we can make real progress through an on-going work programme (especially on the Laing estate, areas around Dedworth Drive and the roads off Longmead) in the coming years.