Windsor Conservative Association

The Windsor Conservative Association represents The Conservative Party within the Windsor Constituency. 

The aims of the Association are to sustain and promote the values of The Conservative Party within the Windsor Constituency. This is done by:

  • campaigning effectively 

  • securing the election of Conservative Candidates

  • actively engaging with members of the Association

  • increasing membership locally

  • maintaining and developing grassroots support 

  • raising the necessary funds to achieve these objectives

There are so many ways to get involved locally. We encourage all Conservative supporters who live or work in the Constituency to attend our events, join our Association and become involved in campaigning. 

Our Association is run by volunteers, who generously donate hundreds of hours of their time every year to help.

They campaign all year round; delivering leaflets, speaking to residents and canvassing voters across our local area. Our volunteers are also the people who raise the money to run our Association; through membership subscriptions, encouraging donations and holding events.

Officers are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Association and answer to the Executive Council.

The Officers for 2020/21 are:

  • President: Angela Knight CBE
  • Chairman: Natasha Airey
  • Deputy Chairman Membership:Cllr Christine Bateson
  • Deputy Chairman Political: Rushi Millns
  • Treasurer: Lars Swann
  • Patrons Club, Events & Fundraising: Phillip Bicknell
  • Bracknell & Branches:  Cllr Ian Leake
  • Young Conservatives' Officer: Jordan Masters
  • Communications:  Natalya Sage
  • CWO Representative:  Samantha Rayner
  • Secretary: Cllr John Story

Our Association also has 1 staff member - Arlene Carson