Young Conservatives

As a Young Conservative in Windsor you will get the opportunity to meet like-minded people in a safe space, to freely express your views, whether that's the formal setting of a meeting or a group trip down to the pub or out to eat. Membership gives you the opportunity to work with those who decide our laws and run our country, from the village parish to the national government. It lets you learn more about our views and where you want to go with your life. You get to do something good for your community and country, helping with canvassing, deliveries and other public events, but most importantly it gives you a say in how this government and this country should be run.

Politics isn't a rigid structure of believing this and not believing that. It flows and as we grow older, we discover more about our views.

Being a member of the Windsor Young Conservatives, with all the events with senior politicians and all the group gatherings we organise where we can spread, discuss and debate our thoughts, there isn't a better place to start.

From the Junior Imperial and Constitutional League founded in 1906 to the Young Conservatives rebranded in 2018, youth engagement has been a part of the Conservative Party for more than 100 years. 

Young Conservative members are full members of the Conservative Party and are represented within the party associations: all Party members aged 25 and under are automatically full members of the Young Conservatives and are organised at a local level within local Associations. The objective of these branches is to bring people together, organise social events and activities and campaign for Conservatives both locally and nationally.

Our primary job is to get Conservatives elected up and down the country.

Windsor Young Conservatives have now joined with other Young Conservatives to form a new Berkshire Young Conservatives Group. This new group will help you focus on your political ambitions and support you if you wish to stand for office. It will ensure you have input to policy making and join you up with other Young Conservatives across the county for events and campaigning.

Join us now by becoming a member.