Conservative Women's Organisation

Introducing The Conservative Women's Organisation 

The Conservative Women’s Organisation (CWO) was founded in 1919, although its roots go back to 1885. It continues to work for women members of the Conservative Party and to represent their views to the Party leader, Chairman and MPs.

As the Conservative Women’s Organisation Officer for the Windsor Conservative Association, I feel it is vital that women’s voices are heard within the political arena and to ensure that those issues which affect women are given an open and fair hearing within the Party. To help promote the Conservative Women’s Organisation, the Association is in the process of setting up our own CWO group in Bracknell for any member to join. We are doing this to encourage women to put themselves forward for election and be more politically active, to support women in the Association and campaign on issues that are of concern to women locally and nationally.

We hope to start holding events soon, so if you would like to become involved please do get in touch with me at