The Prime Minister's First Interview of 2017

On Sunday, 8 January the Prime Minister gave her first interview of the New Year. You can watch the interview in full here:

Sophy Ridge Interview

On Monday, 9 January Theresa May will be giving her first speech of 2017 which will be looking at the stigma surrounding mental health issues and how the Government intends to tackle this pressing issue. We will post the speech in full on our Windsor Conservatives YouTube channel as soon as it becomes available.

Meanwhile here are some words from our MP, Adam Afriyie, written in 2016.

When I was first elected to Parliament 11 years ago, mental health remained largely a taboo subject. One of my first acts was to contribute to a book called ‘The Forgotten’, a collection of policy ideas by Conservative MPs first elected in 2005. I chose to write about mental health, specifically the need to tear down the stigma around depression what deters so many sufferers from seeking treatment.

One of the most heartening trends of the last decade has been a greater awareness of the need to put mental health on parity with physical health alongside greater efforts to break down the stigma that still exists.

Mental health remains a subject I am passionate about. That is why I am so pleased to see that Bracknell & Wokingham College in my constituency has recently gained government funding for a free adult community learning course named: Wellbeing in mind. The courses are aimed at adults experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues and will run from now until the end of June 2017.

For more information about eligibility and the details of the course please click here.

I hope that those affected with mental health challenges across the constituency will find this information useful and I would encourage anyone interested in taking part in the learning course to contact Bracknell and Wokingham College on 01344 868600 or email