By-Election in Windsor - May 4th

Voters go to the polls on May 4 to elect local councillors in England, Scotland and Wales and the mayors of Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. Altogether 2,730 council seats will be contested in 27 county councils and six English unitary authorities - and this includes the Clewer North ward of the RBWM Council.

The Conservative Party candidate for the West Windsor ward is local resident Lars Swann. Lars is passionate about serving his local community and putting the needs of residents first. Between now and voting day on May 4 you will find Lars in the Clewer North, Dedworth area, listening to the concerns of local residents, assessing their needs and explaining his personal manifesto which includes:

1) Ensuring more affordable housing but campaigning against excessive development.

2) Opposing the third runway at Heathrow.

3) Ensuring greater investment in the local community.

Speaking to party members in Nottingham yesterday, the Prime Minister said local councils and mayoralties falling into the hands of Labour, the SNP and the Liberal Democrats would set the country back. 

She said: “Our task in these elections is to deliver our local communities from that fate. We must present a credible and compelling alternative, in every county, every town, every city.”

We hope that if you are a Clewer North resident that you have registered to vote or if you have recently moved to the area that your electoral roll information is up to date? If you are in the Armed Forces and even if you or your spouse are posted overseas you can still vote but your registration must take place prior to April 13th. Please visit: for more information.

This local election offers a clear opportunity to continue to deliver a strong Conservative council. Anyone interested in helping Lars' campaign should please contact 01753 678693. We always need people to deliver information leaflets, make phone calls, help ensure voters can get to the polling station or have completed their postal votes.