Local Campaigns

We rely on volunteers to help us campaign locally.

Delivery and Publicity

Could you spare some time to deliver leaflets in your road or building? Perhaps you can display a poster in your window, garden or car during our local and national election campaigns? Do you have time to stuff envelopes and bundle literature for others to deliver?

Telephone Canvassing

We are not always able to speak to residents on their doorsteps, so during election time we hold regular telephone canvassing sessions during the day and evening. We'd love it if you could help us.

Door Canvassing

Knocking on doors and speaking to residents is one of the most important activities we undertake. Whether it is local issues, like planning applications and parking, or national issues such as Brexit and the NHS - no matter what the issue is, large or small, if it is important to our constituents, it is important to us to hear about it too.  Would you like to join your local Conservative team to knock on doors and speak to residents?

If you would like to join the Campaign TaskForce and receive updates on the Local Elections, please click here.