Get Involved #GE2017

Would you like to get involved with Windsor Conservatives? 

If you'd like to get involved with the General Election Campaign 2017 and help ensure that our Conservative candidate for Windsor, Adam Afriyie, is re-elected, please give us a call on 01753 678693 or email:

If you are in another part of the country and would like to volunteer to help the Conservative Party in your area, then please use this link

Windsor and Maidenhead constituencies have very close links and here in Berkshire we are all working together. There are many ways you can get involved, in either location. We are also actively supporting the excellent Parliamentary candidate for Slough, Mark Vivis. Wherever you'd like to help out, there is always plenty to do:

Delivery and Publicity

We rely on volunteers to help us deliver news about the work Theresa May and the Conservative Party are doing to ensure a more secure and united country; at the local level and across the nation. Can you spare some time to distribute campaign material in your road or building? Perhaps you can display a poster in your window, garden or car during the election campaign?

Telephone Canvassing

We are not always able to speak to residents on their doorsteps because they are sometimes not at home, or we cannot gain access to their property, so we will be holding regular telephone canvassing sessions during the day and evening from various locations - sometimes from Conservative Campaign Headquarters in Westminster. We'd love it if you could help.

Social Media

For those on Facebook and Twitter, we now have a presence on both; although our Twitter account is the most active. Please consider "liking" us on Facebook and/or signing up and following us and retweeting on Twitter. You could also subscribe to our YouTube Channel so we can reach more people with key speeches and important information about the plans and policies (the Manifesto) of the Conservative Party.  

Door Canvassing

Knocking on doors and speaking to residents is one of the most important activities we undertake. Engaging in a conversation with people to help find out what really matters to them and then seeing what we can do to help is how the community thrives. Whether it is local issues like graffiti removal, planning issues, potholes, parking or national issues such as Brexit, workers' rights or the economy - no matter what the issue is, large or small, if it is important to our constituents, it is important to us to hear about it too.  

Our canvassing sessions are friendly and informal and you will not be expected to knock on doors unless you want to - you can just post leaflets - and we always go out in teams, often Adam will be there too. We may ask you if you'd like to help out in Maidenhead and other constituencies.

It is 'people power' that helps make change happen but it is the votes that win elections.  It is hugely important that between now and 8 June we ensure people do not become complacent and just assume that others will vote to ensure the result they want. Every single vote counts and we invite you to help us get this message out across the entire constituency and beyond so that Theresa May and the Conservative Party can deliver certainty and stability for the next 5 years and beyond. 

Please get involved. Thank you!