Fighting Fund

Our Fighting Fund is vital to our campaigning efforts and getting local Conservatives elected.

Donations help us to pay for posters, leaflets and other campaigning activities.

If you would like to make a donation, big or small, please call 01753 678693 or email


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The Conservative Foundation

The Conservative Foundation was launched in March 2009 to build an endowment fund to underpin the finances of our Party in the long term, and is asking supporters to leave the Foundation a gift in their wills. The capital raised by the Foundation is ring-fenced and protected, and so benefactors can take comfort that their contribution will remain forever for the benefit of the Party and future generations of Conservative supporters. The Foundation is currently supporting the Conservative Candidate Bursary Scheme, set up to financially support Conservative parliamentary candidates. This scheme is means-tested and supports candidates who otherwise could not afford to fund their campaigns. The scheme will make sure that financial means are not a barrier to standing for Parliament, meaning our Party can become more representative of the people that it serves.